[Postfixbuch-users] OT: Thunderbird im "Enterprise"-Umfeld

Marc Patermann hans.moser at ofd-z.niedersachsen.de
Mo Dez 19 16:54:14 CET 2011


es gibt eine Mailingliste, "to discuss deployment and configuration of 
Thunderbird in enterprise environments. tb-enterprise is a community for 
mutual support for everyday tasks based on first-hand experience, and a 
forum for fostering better tools, documentation, options, and 
functionality to support Thunderbird in the enterprise.", weil die 
Anforderungen im nicht-privaten Umfeld doch mitunter andere sind als bei 
der typischen Heiminstallation.

Wer sich da also einbringen will, ist hiermit dazu aufgerufen:

"In 2012, we intend to have more of those exchanges via email, phone or 
any other relevant communication channel. But to do so, we need to get 
more decision-makers joining the debate for the Enterprise community: 
the number of registered members of the Enterprise Mailing list is still 
in the 100’ -when Enterprise represents millions of users!

We need your help to get more Enterprise decision-makers joining. Help 
us enrolling your peers and get them signing up on the Enterprise 
Mailing List:

Send them a mail suggesting to join 

Next time we will need to pick up your brain or exchange about 
Enterprise specific topic, you will have a louder voice."


PS: Für Firefox gibt es sowas auch.

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