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Why you have unknown_local_recipient_reject_code =3D 450 ?
Did you read
With strg+f you can search.=20

unknown_local_recipient_reject_code (default: 550)
The numerical Postfix SMTP server response code when a recipient address =
is local, and
$local_recipient_maps specifies a list of lookup tables that does not =
match the recipient.
A recipient address is local when its domain matches $mydestination, =
$proxy_interfaces or

The default setting is 550 (reject mail) but it is safer to initially =
use 450 (try again
later) so you have time to find out if your local_recipient_maps =
settings are OK.=20


unknown_local_recipient_reject_code =3D 450
This feature is available in Postfix 2.0 and later.=20

Only for test set it to 450, if your maps right you set it to 550=20

Take a look at google search about "TOFU"

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