PostfixAdmin 3.0

Christian Boltz postfixbuch at
So Sep 11 23:30:29 CEST 2016

Hallo zusammen,

kleine Werbeeinlage ;-)

Ich habe gerade PostfixAdmin 3.0 releast.

Genau, es gibt kein "beta"-Label mehr :-)  Mehr als zwei Jahre nach der 
ersten 3.0 beta (+ mehrere Jahre Vorarbeit) bin ich sicher, dass wir das 
"beta"-Label nicht mehr brauchen.

PostfixAdmin 3.0 ist jetzt die stabile Version von PostfixAdmin. 
Ich werde auch 2.3.x für einige Zeit weiterpflegen - aber nur, falls 
kritische oder Sicherheitsbugs auftauchen. Trotzdem ist es eine gute 
Idee, bei Gelegenheit auf 3.0 upzugraden ;-)

Das Changelog gibt es auf englisch:

Major changes since the 2.3.8 release:

- new command-line interface "postfixadmin-cli"
- major rewrite:
    - move lots of code into *Handler classes, which are used by web 
      and command-line interface
    - replace various edit-*.php and create-*.php with a generic
      editform (edit.php/editform.tpl)
    - this also means it's easy to customize forms, add fields etc.
      (see $CONF['*_struct_hook'])
    - lots of code cleanup, remove/merge lots of duplicated code and 
    - use smarty for templates
- add ability to choose activation date, end date and reply interval for
  vacation message
- various enhancements everywhere
- redesign login page, list and edit pages (goodbye, green!) and make 
  them wider
- several new config options and changed defaults
- NOTE: changes from the 2.3.x releases also apply to this version

Major changes since the 2.93 aka 3.0 beta3 release:

- add sqlite backend option
- add configurable smtp helo (CONF["smtp_client"])
- new translation: ro (Romanian)
- language update: tw, cs, de
- fix escaping in gen_show_status() (could be used to DOS list-virtual
  by creating a mail address with special chars)
- add CSRF protection for POST requests
- list.tpl: base edit/editactive/delete links in list.tpl on $RAW_item 
  to avoid double escaping, and fix some corner cases
- editform.tpl: add {if} block for description column for easier 
- use smarty html_options instead of select_options()
- remove advice about using SetEnv for database password
- include_once(config.local.php) instead of include()ing it to prevent 
  include loops if someone copies to config.local.php
- encode wide-chars utf8 in mail body, mime-decode original 
- fix db_quota_text() for postgresql (concat() vs. ||)
- change default date for 'created' and 'updated' columns from 
  0000-00-00 (which causes problems with MySQL strict mode) to 
- allow punicode even in TLDs
- update Smarty to 3.1.29
- add checks to login.php and cli to ensure database layout is up to 
- whitelist '-1' as valid value for postfixadmin-cli
- don't stripslashes() the password in pacrypt
- various small bugfixes

See CHANGELOG.TXT for the full changelog. If you upgrade from 2.3.x, 
please also read the sections about the 2.9x (aka 3.0 beta) releases.


Christian Boltz
Und wenn du denkst dich mag niemand mehr, dann kommt der Christopher
und siggt dich sehr.                  [Christopher Splinter in dag°]

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