[Postfixbuch-users] HTML in Plain-Text konvertieren

Christian postfixbu at 2nibbles4u.de
Do Mai 29 21:57:03 CEST 2014

Am 2014-05-29 20:32, schrieb Peer Heinlein:
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> Am 29.05.2014 20:17, schrieb Christian:
>> Hallo zusammen,
>> kennt jemand eine Möglichkeit, in Postfix HTML Nachrichten in
>> Plain-Text zu konvertieren?
> altermime kann das doch, oder?
> Peer

Ich wüsste ehrlich gesagt nicht wie... die Parameter geben das meiner 
Meinung nach nicht her:

Option Descriptions:
         --input=, Sets the mailpack file to be the filename supplied,
                 if the filename is a single '-' (hyphen) then the 
                 is sourced via stdin and outputted via stdout.

         --disclaimer=, Set the plaintext disclaimer source file.
         --disclaimer-html=, Set the HTML disclaimer source file.
         --disclaimer-b64=, Set the BASE64 encoded disclaimer source file 
(implies --force-into-b64).

         --htmltoo, Sets alterMIME to insert the plaintext disclaimer 
         --force-into-b64, Sets alterMIME to insert disclaimers into 
BASE64 encoded text segments
         --force-for-bad-html, Force adding of the HTML disclaimer even 
when HTML is not correctly formatted
                 the HTML portion of the email body ( if there is no 
                 defined HTML dislcaimer, see --disclaimer-html )

         --remove=, Remove any attachments which match the filename 
                 if the filename text contains a forward-slash '/', then 
                 matching will occur based on content-type headers rather 
                 by filename.
         --removeall, Remove all attachments
         --replace=, Replace attachments matching the given filename. 
Requires to
                 be used with --with.
         --with=, Replace the attachments specified by --replace with the 
         --xheader=, Insert a header line as specified into the first set 
of headers.
         --alter-header="..." --alter-with="..." 
                 Alter an existing header in the mailpack.  This function 
modifies the
                 value of the header, as apposed to the header name.
         --altersigned, Force alterMIME to modify 'signed' emails
         --no-qmail-bounce,  Don't search into email bodies for 
attachment headers
         --verbose, Describe details of the process occuring
         --log-stdout, Send all output messages to stdout
         --log-stderr, Send all output messages to stderr
         --log-syslog, Send all output messages to syslog
         --debug, Provide greater verbosity and debugging information
         --version, display the alterMIME version string

Gruß Christian

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